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What sets Veritas Realty Group apart when considering Buyer Agency Representation?

First off, when you purchase a home from the listing agent understand that that agent is working for the seller and will disclose this to you. You don’t have someone negotiating on your behalf. I have talked with buyers that are under the impression that there will be less commission paid if there is only one agent, thus negotiating a lower price is a possibility. I think that, while this scenario certainly is possible and does happen sometimes, a buyer purchasing a home without their own buyer representation is not a great idea and will probably average out to a net loss for the buyer side. Just one Broker’s opinion.

We strive to offer Elite Buyer Representation. You have a lot of options available to you to represent you as a purchaser. There are a tremendous amount of dedicated and talented offices and agents in the North Oakland area. Some teams offer approaches that I don’t put a premium on. Some teams are very tech heavy, some have assigned roles for different personnel through different phases of the buying process, still others have large advertising budgets. There’s nothing wrong with these approaches and they can be very effective. However, I offer the following three advantages that Veritas Realty Group prides itself on and I feel that they create a Buyer Representation experience that’s difficult to match.

    1. Experience – Michael Cawley has been closing Real Estate transactions for 20 years. Plain and simple…experience matters when trusting someone to represent you in your home purchase. You run into a lot of situations when selling property, some common, some downright bizarre. I still run into things I’ve never encountered before and having a body of work behind us allows us to be confident in getting transactions closed.
    2. Our partnership with Ready-To-Sell Construction & Remodeling – We can address inspection concerns, FHA checklists, post-closing problems and issues with experienced, licensed and insured Construction personnel on staff. I can’t stress enough how useful this is and how much of a competitive advantage this allows VRG and you as a purchaser.

Also, with our extensive industry and building trade knowledge and experience, we can help identify potential pitfalls in the home shopping process. Of course, you will be securing your own third-party inspection when the time comes, but we can weed out a lot of problem homes and prep you on what to expect before you spend money on your inspection.

  1. Truth- I chose the name of my company Veritas Realty Group after learning a lot in 17 years of working for the “Big Boys” Keller Williams, Remax, Century 21, etc., because Veritas means Truth in Latin. My promise to you as a VRG customer is that YOUR BEST interests will NEVER take a back seat to my paycheck. The worst quality you’ll find in a Real Estate Agent is one who absolutely, positively needs this commission check to make their life work. We have been blessed with a rich network of customers and referrals that allows us to regard working with you as a privilege and not a necessity. How does this benefit you? I often have and always will tell my customers if I think a particular house, deal or situation is not the right one for them and I will explain why. If that means we don’t end up doing a deal, then so be it. I sleep like a baby at night simply because I put the people before the dollars. It costs me deals sometimes and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Buyer checklist:

-Call Veritas Realty Group and get set up on Daily Auto updates sent to your email. You need reliable market updates to keep you informed of what is available in the market place. Zillow is not the market. It’s a web site designed to draw web traffic and sell advertising. Its not a bad thing, its just not the market.

-Get Pre-Approved. We can refer you to a number of approved lenders that we have closed deals with and that we trust to take care of you or you are welcome to secure your financing from whoever you choose. However, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. You shouldn’t be looking at homes before you are pre-approved.

-View homes. We arrange viewings and show you homes. WE CAN SHOW YOU ANYBODY’S LISTINGS. You don’t need to have several different agents working on it for you to “keep your options open”. Any agent can show virtually any listing. Choose your buyer agent that you trust, keep them accountable and let them work for you.

-Submit Offer. This is where our experience matters and where you will see the difference between agents. We are able to navigate the details and nuances involved in your offer and in closing your transaction…and they are all different.

-Managing the transaction and closing. During this period we will have inspection, appraisal, mortgage underwriting and eventually closing.

-Follow up. We are available for questions, concerns, details and any construction, remodeling and any improvements you would like to make to personalize your new home and make it your own.

-Referral. This is a treasured aspect of our business and strive to treat all referrals like family.

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