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Veritas Realty Group can help you start the process of investing in Real Estate. Rentals and “Flips” are something we know quite a bit about.

If you don’t already have one, I would suggest creating a long-term investment strategy with a buy and hold component instead of just watching “Flip This Mug,” or whatever shows are out there, doing a bunch of gorilla math and thinking you’re gonna’ hit a home run on a flip.

The truth about flips: There’s a lot of people trying to do it. A Lot! A lot of them have cash and serious buying power. The days of the Paint & Carpet Flip are long gone. I would suggest a property where you can affordably add some square footage in an coherent manner in regards to floor plan. And ultimately, unless you are a professional re-modeler who does it for a living or at least seriously handy, I wouldn’t really suggest doing it all.

Rentals on the other hand? By all means. Buying a rental every couple of years for 20 years can build some real wealth. At least holding for a while and then selling at premium market conditions can make you some nice money.

We would be happy to discuss your strategy or help you formulate one. We can also offer turn-key solutions and bundle your remodeling and real estate costs and help you save.

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