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As the Broker of Veritas Realty Group I look to provide the kind of environment for agents that I was seeking when I went off on my own.

I wanted to be independent, work remotely, not be pestered with community based obligations and whatever the charity du-jour was. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with charity and I choose to contribute to what I think is important, but when I’m working its about my customers, my family and my money.

In that spirit I provide the following split:

70/30 Agent/Broker split with an annual cap at $8000.

$200 will come out of your first check towards E&O insurance for the year or agents are welcome to provide proof of their own E&O insurance.

$295 transaction fee for All sale transactions. $50 for rental transactions.

I provide a modest office location in Waterford that you are welcome to meet clients at or come see me with questions or for counsel, but this is intended to be a work-remotely arrangement. Everybody at the office already has an agent anyway. We also provide in-house insurance solutions for your customers if needed courtesy of JBejin & Associates.

Of course, I am always available for questions, concerns or to bounce ideas off of.

The Big Question! LEADS! – I Do Not provide them. Of course its not out of the question, but I am not actively engaged in any lead distribution platform. I’m aware that most brokers in town promise lots of juicy internet leads. When I worked for other brokers I loved seeing “Buyer looking for $60K colonial in Farmington” leads pop up on my email. My position is that “Nobody is Going to Save You in This Business.” And me shuffling you a bunch of internet wood isn’t going to make or break your business.

Meetings- There will be no regularly scheduled office meetings. I may call for one from time to time if circumstances dictate or perhaps arrange a gathering for agents to meet each other if our roster increases significantly.

Joining this team means that you are a self-sufficient, experienced agent that closes 5-20 transactions a year, wants a knowledgeable available broker that will treat them fairly and support them however they can and wants to be left alone to conduct their business.

Our Ready-To-Sell program will allow you a competitive advantage when interviewing for listings because you will be able to solve all of a sellers problems including getting their home ready for sale, having any necessary improvements and upgrades done at a discount as well as marketing and selling the home. Trust me, this has gotten me the listing over the sellers cousin or best friend on more than one occasion.

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All agents will be expected to observe the Realtor Code of Conduct, Meet Veritas Realty’s ethical standards, observe all fair housing regulations and guidelines and just be an overall decent person. We don’t hang out in any grey areas and we don’t play free and loose with the ethics. We treat people fairly, go the extra mile, work hard and make our money. Please feel free to call me to schedule an interview.

Happy Selling.

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