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Here’s the big secret in Real Estate…Ready? Every agent has access to the MLS, the MLS is every agent’s number one tool used to sell homes, there’s at least an 85% chance that your house will sell on a co-op sale through the MLS ( meaning a different agent other than your listing agent that you hired will bring the buyer).

What does all this mean?

There is absolutely no difference between the amount of exposure that a brand-new agent from a huge company can get your home versus a 20-year veteran with his own small shop. No difference. At all. Ever. Period.

What is important and what sets agents apart is their experience in knowing what to do with offers, do they put your best interests above their paycheck? Their pricing strategy…Price too low and you leave money on the table, price to high and the house just sits…and sits…and sits. And several other variables that aren’t always that obvious, but these are the important ones.

Why Veritas Realty Group:

We offer full service, professionally marketed listing at a competitive commission structure

We have 20 years’ experience in listing properties and know how to negotiate price, terms, time frames, occupancy, seller concessions. How to navigate, FHA, Conventional, VA and cash offers. How to handle multiple offers. How to price aggressively to minimize market time while making positive that you, the seller, doesn’t leave money on the table.

We know how to negotiate on your behalf.

We can post your listing on multiple MLS’s if our marketing plan calls for it and we coordinate all showings and ensure that all prospective buyers are accompanied by an agent and pre-approved.

Your listing will be on Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, Homes, Yahoo, etc. and all other major retail online outlets.

What I don’t do:

Open House- Not crazy about them.  I’m not interested in just anybody off the streets kicking around your house so I can generate more buyer and seller clients for my business. I’m interested in qualified buyers kicking around your house so it will sell.

Open house is a fine tool for folks selling on their own, simply because that’s all they can really do. Its also a fine tool for agents looking to get out and mingle with new potential buyers.
When I list your home, 12,000 of my closest real estate agent friends are going to know its for sale and that they are welcome to bring their qualified buyers. I don’t sit in your house for hours on end and hope your neighbors come through to see what your bathrooms look like.

*Caveat- Some properties in some locations can be good for holding open houses. Main Roads, Lake fronts, Vacation homes, specialty properties, etc. So, its not completely out of the question, but not something that is typically very productive in my experience.

Broker Open House – I want agents to bring their qualified buyers to your home, not swing by for lunch. This falls under the category of Not in a Million Years.

Virtual Tour – Not crazy about this one either.  First off, I’m kind of surprised that people not only allow, but insist that their home is recorded and put on the internet. Anybody would know the floor plan, how to get around, what you have, where it is, etc. Additionally, I don’t want to give people enough/too much information (there is such a thing) to the point that they don’t want to come and view the home in person. My goal is to generate showings which is the only way to generate offers.

I’d love to tell you that every listing is a walk in the park and closes in 5 weeks. The truth is that some listings are pretty smooth and sell in a few days and some take a little “doin.” Either way, if you want a broker that’s going to be up front with you and knows how to represent your best interests than we invite you to call us and discuss your Real Estate needs.


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