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Veritas Ethics & Principals

There are ethical standards that serve as a minimum set of behaviors that enable an individual or a company to avoid legal trouble.  Above that are standards of ethics that carry no legal consequence for failing to observe and aren’t always convenient to embrace but create a spirit of true integrity and dignity in all of an individual or a company’s dealings.  This is where Veritas Realty Group performs and VRG is determined to meet the high standards set for itself each and every time.  In other words…performing in an ethical manner is our privilege as much as it a responsibility.

Veritas Realty Group is a member of The National Association of Realtors, The Michigan Association of Realtors and The North Oakland County Board of Realtors.

Veritas Realty Group observes the National Realtor Code of Ethics and all Fair Housing laws, rules and best practices.

Additionally, VRG observes and embraces industry sanctioned best practices and strives to maintain a harmonious and productive environment with all industry representatives and the general public.

Veritas Realty Group Embraces the following ethical standard as a portion of it’s company policy:

-What’s in the client or customers’ best interest supersedes what is in the best interest of Veritas Realty Group or any of its agents or representatives.  This means that if a particular deal, transaction or course of action is not in the customer’s best interest for whatever reason than it is the obligation of VRG to advise against it regardless of any negative financial impact on VRG.  Similarly, VRG will endorse a course of action that is most beneficial to the client/customer independent of consideration of potential financial benefit to VRG.

Please see entire Realtor Code of Ethics Here

I am always available to further discuss any and all ethical considerations.


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